Earthpuake in yushu,China

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Earthpuake in yushu,China

Post  Emily on Wed Apr 21, 2010 4:10 pm
AFTER the earthquake in sichuan 2008, there happens to be another earthquake in china . yushu is 3800--4200 meters above the sea level .Many people have already went there to rescue.since the air is very thin there , some people had adverse reactions.but they never stopped the rescue .that is what makes me comfortable!
of course i am very sad No No and we all don't know what is the matter Question .some celibrities said that maybe they had some connections with Three Gorges Dam , as it go against nature . but i have no idea .
we all can not avoid natural desasters,but we believe that we chinese will do our best to save more lives . we chinese are unite ,i believe we can conquar it .

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